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New Jersey Makers Day

Come join us at the Linden Public Library for New Jersey Makers Day, where you can make, learn and explore new ideas, plus have a lot of fun in the process. We will have two rooms of stations for this program.

  • What: New Jersey Makers Day with light refreshments and much more. This program will provide children with the opportunity to create, learn and explore new ideas. Activities will vary by age group.
  • Who and Where:
    • Ages 6 through 17 in the Columbia Bank Room at the Linden Public Library.
    • Ages 6 through 12 in the Bernice Bedrick Room at the Linden Public Library.
  • When: March 25, 2023 from 10am until 2pm.
  • How: Sign-up at the Children’s Librarian’s desk. The program for ages 6 through 12 will be limited to fifteen (15) children.

Summer Reading

All students are encouraged to read over the summer. We have suggested books for grades 2 through 12.

  • Click here to access the 2022 Summer Reading List for grades 2 through 5.
  • Click here to access the 2022 Summer Reading List for grades 3 through 8.
  • Click here to access the 2022 Summer Reading List for grades 9 through 12.
  • Click here to access the Linden Public School District Summer Assignments and Instructions

Free Live Homework Help

Did you know all New Jersey Public Libraries offer free online homework help? All you need is your library card. Whether you are learning in-person or from a distance, free live online tutors are available to help you succeed. It’s easy to get free help with your homework in math, reading, writing, science, social studies, and more.

  • To access free help:
    • 1. Log on to HelpNow.
    • 2. Click “live Tutoring”.
    • 3. Select your subject and level.
    • 4. Click “Get Live Help”.

  • Writing a paper?

HelpNow has a Writing Lab! Send your paper to a tutor and receive constructive feedback to help you become a better writer. Or connect with a live tutor to get help with any stage of the writing process.

  • Preparing for a test?

Visit SkillSurfer to learn with lessons, videos, and practice tests. Take practice tests on the SAT, ACT, GED, and many more. You can also create your own flashcards and study games with Flashbulb.

  • Click here to view and/or download the informational flyer for Free Live Homework Help.

Friends of the Library

The Friends of the Linden Library are a member-based organization made up of caring, involved people who support a strong public library system for the benefit of the community. Friends enrich the library in many ways.

Each month the Friends provide programs for library patrons. These include Movies, Lego Club, Children’s Yoga, Wags To Read (therapeutic dog

Click here to fill out an application to join the Friends of the Linden Public Library.



  • Back issues of magazines in paper copy are held for one year unless indicated. Scroll down for complete list of holdings.
  • Popular newspaper titles are held for one (1) month.
  • Paper copy of Linden’s local weekly newspaper is held for one year. Older issues are available on microfilm or online. Select “Local Archives” from side menu for online access.
  • Limited years of the New York Times Newspaper is available on Mircofilm.
  • Magazines and newspapers are for us in the Library and do not circulate.

Complete Holdings


  • AARP Magazine
  • Allure
  • America
  • American Genealogist
  • American History (Formerly American History Illustrated) (3 Yrs)
  • American Libraries (2 Yrs)
  • Ask Magazine (Children’s Room)
  • Arthritis Today
  • Astronomy (2 Yrs)
  • Atlantic Monthly (2 Yrs)


  • Babybug- (Children’s Room)
  • Barron’s Newspaper
  • Better Homes & Gardens
  • Better Investing (2 Yrs)
  • Bicycling
  • Bloomberg Business Week (2 Yrs)
  • Bon Appetit
  • Booklist (2 Yrs)
  • Boys Life (Childrens’ Room)
  • Brainspace (Childrens’ Room}


  • Car And Driver
  • Christian Century (2 Yrs)
  • Cobblestone (Childrens’ Room)
  • Coin World Monthly
  • Coin World Weekly (1 Month)
  • Commentary (2 Yrs)
  • Commonweal (2 Yrs)
  • Consumer Reports (3 Yrs)
  • Cycle World


  • Discover (3 Yrs)
  • Downbeat


  • Eating Well
  • Education Digest (3 Yrs)
  • Entertainment Weekly
  • Essence


  • Faces (Childrens’ Room)
  • Family Handyman
  • Field & Stream’
  • Forbes (18 Months)
  • Fortune (18 Months)


  • Girls Life (Childrens’ Room)
  • Golf Digest
  • Good Housekeeping


  • Harpers Magazine (2 Yrs)
  • Health (2 Yrs)
  • Hemmings Motor News
  • Hgtv Magazine
  • Highlights For Children (Childrens’ Room)
  • Home News Tribune (1 Month)
  • Horn Book Magazine (Childrens’ Room) (2 Yrs)
  • Hot Rod


  • Instyle


  • Kiplinger’s Personal Finance (3 Yrs)
  • Kirkus Reviews (2 Yrs)


  • Ladybug- (Childrens’ Room)
  • Library Journal (2 Yrs)
  • Linden Leader (Microfilm 11/1927-6/1955)
  • Linden News ( Microfilm 11/1927-6/1955)
  • Linden News Observer (Microfilm 6/1955-1/9/1964)
  • Linden Observer (Microfilm 2/1920-12/1920); (1/1923-9/1955)
  • Linns Stamp News -18 Months


  • Macleans Magazine (2 Yrs)
  • Make:Technology On Your Time (Childrens’ Room)
  • Martha Stewart Living
  • Mens Health
  • MIT Technology Review (2 Yrs)
  • Motor Trend


  • Nation (2 Yrs)
  • National Geographic (18 Months)
  • National Geographic Kids (Childrens’ Room)
  • National Review (2 Yrs)
  • National Wildlife (2 Yrs)
  • New Jersey Business Week (2 Yrs)
  • New Jersey Monthly (2 Yrs)
  • New Jersey Municipalities (2 Yrs)
  • New Republic (2 Yrs)
  • New York Magazine
  • New York Amsterdam News (1 Month)
  • New York Times (1 Month Paper Copy)
  • New York Times Magazine (6 Months)
  • New York Times Microfilm (1954-1959; 1965-2000)
  • Nuts & Volts


  • O: The Oprah Magazine
  • Outdoor Life


  • Parents
  • People
  • People En Espanol
  • Popular Mechanics
  • Popular Science
  • Practical Homeschooling (2 Yrs)
  • Prevention (2 Yrs)
  • Psychology Today (2 Yrs)
  • Publishers Weekly (2 Yrs)


  • Ranger Rick (Childrens’ Room)
  • Road & Track
  • Rolling Stone
  • Runners World


  • Salt Water Sportsman
  • Saturday Evening Post (2 Yrs)
  • School Library Journal (Childrens’ Room) (2 Yrs)
  • Science News (2 Yrs)
  • Scientific American (2 Yrs)
  • Sky & Telescope (2 Yrs)
  • Smithsonian (2 Yrs)
  • Southern Living
  • Spectator Leader (2 Yrs- Paper Copy)
  • Spectator Leader (Microfilm 1998-2003); (2004-12/2006 )
  • Sports Illustrated
  • Sports Illustrated For Kids (Childrens’ Room)
  • Star-Ledger (1 Month)


  • Taste Of Home
  • This Old House
  • Time Magazine (2 Yrs)
  • Travel & Leisure
  • Treasures: Vintage To Modern Collecting


  • USA Today Newspaper (One Month)


  • Value Line Investment Survey
  • Vanity Fair
  • Vogue


  • Wall Street Journal (1 Month)
  • Washington Monthly (2 Yrs)
  • Wired (2 Yrs)
  • Woman’s Day

Other Resources


JerseyCat is New Jersey’s statewide virtual catalog and interlibrary loan system. It is provided to all libraries within the State of New Jersey by the New Jersey State Library and the Regional Library Cooperatives. There is no charge to the local library for the service. It provides all New Jersey residents and library staff with real-time searching capabilities for New Jersey’s Z39.50 compliant library catalogs. It also includes a union catalog of holdings from the small to medium libraries that are under 100,00 volumes. Periodical titles can be searched for in the NJ Union List of Serials. It also provides New Jersey residents and library staff with an interlibrary loan system that they can use from their home, school, or office via the World Wide Web. Click here to access JerseyCat.

New Jersey State Library – Biblioboard

Connecting people with information through libraries. Click here to access the New Jersey State Library. .

Referencia Latina

Esta base de datos de texto completo en español cubre una amplia gama de temas dentro y fuera de la academia. Ofrece contenido de una variedad de fuentes, incluidos libros de referencia, revistas de interés general e informes de salud.

Referencia Latina is a full-text Spanish-language database that covers a broad array of subjects inside and outside academia. It offers content from a variety of sources, including reference books, general interest magazines and health reports. Click here to access Referencia Latina.

EBSCO Health Services

Alt HealthWatch

Alt HealthWatch is a full-text alternative health research database focused on complementary, holistic and integrated approaches to health care and wellness. It offers the latest information about the evolving practice of holistic medicine and therapies. Click here to access Alt HealthWatch.

ABC-CLIO Health and Wellness Issues

Health and Wellness Issues by ABC-CLIO enables students to better understand the health and wellness issues affecting them, their peers, and our greater society through a multitude of authoritative reference entries and expert perspective essays. Click here to access Health and Wellness Issues.

Consumer Health Complete

The most comprehensive database for consumer-oriented health content, Consumer Health Complete is designed to help users gain an overall understanding of key topics across the health and wellness spectrum — from mainstream medicine to complementary, holistic and integrated medicine. Click here to access Consumer Health Complete.

Salud en Espanol

The Salud en Espanol database provides topic-specific reports covering all aspects of health and wellness, including overviews of diseases, conditions, procedures and treatments. Salud en Español is the one-stop resource for evidence-based reports and fact sheets in the Spanish language./  Esta base de datos proporciona informes sobre temas específicos que cubren todos los aspectos de la salud y el bienestar, incluidos resúmenes de enfermedades, afecciones, procedimientos y tratamientos. Salud en Español es el recurso integral para informes basados en evidencia y hojas informativas en español. Click here to access Salud en Espanol.

AHFS Consumer Medication Information

AHFS Consumer Medication Information is a trusted source and recognized standard for patient drug information. It is published by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists and is updated monthly. Click here to access AHFS Consumer Medication Information.

Health Source – Consumer Edition

Health Source – Consumer Edition is a rich collection of consumer health information provides access to full-text consumer health magazines and reference books. It also includes searchable full text for current health pamphlets. Click here to access Health Source – Consumer Edition.

Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition

Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition is a trusted full-text database covering nursing and allied health topics, including pediatric nursing, critical care, mental health, nursing management, medical law and more. Click here to access Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition.

Consumer, Business, and Financial Aids

ConsumerReports (CR)

Consumer Reports (CR) is the world’s largest nonprofit product-testing organization and has been helping subscribers find better, safer products for 80+ years. Consumer Reports accepts no outside advertising and no free test samples, and employs shoppers and experts to buy and test the products reviewed.

With, users can:

  • Compare price, performance, and reliability all in one place with expert reviews
  • Purchase the best product from favorite retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, etc., on an ad-free, frequently updated website
  • Find reliable information on new and used cars and enjoy a haggle-free buying experience through Consumer Reports’ Build and Buy program
  • Obtain reliable and unbiased consumer health information to improve healthcare outcomes
  • Click here to access ConsumerReports.

Weiss Financial Ratings

The Financial Ratings Series Online provides immediate access to the Weiss’ Independent and Unbiased Ratings for: Life, Annuity, Property & Casualty Insurers, HMOs & Health Insurers, Banks, Credit Unions, Stocks, Exchange-Traded Funds, Stock Mutual Funds, Bond & Money Market Mutual Funds, Medicare Supplement Insurance Pricing tool, Financial Planning Tools, and Financial Literacy Skill-Building Tools too. Click here to access Weiss Financial Ratings.

Small Business Reference Center

Small Business Reference Center offers exclusive full text for many top consumer small business reference books, as well as tools to address many small business topics. It includes business videos, a help and advice section and details on how to create business plans. Click here to access the Small Business Reference Center.

Legal Information Reference Center

Legal Information Reference Center is an online database designed to assist the general public in legal matters of all kinds. It includes exclusive full text for many top consumer legal reference books, as well as thousands of legal forms. Navigate legal matters of all kinds with reliable “how-to” information and thousands of federal, multi-state and state-specific legal forms.. Click here to access the Legal Information Reference Center.

Research and Current Events

Black Life in America

The experience and impact of African Americans as recorded by the news media. Click here to access Black Life in America.


EBSCO is the leading provider of research databases, e-journals, magazine subscriptions, ebooks and discovery service for academic libraries, public libraries, corporations, schools, government and medical institutions. Click here to access EBSCO Host.

Hispanic Life in America

Comprehensive coverage of the Hispanic American experience from earliest times to today. Sourced from nearly 17,500 American and global newspapers, including almost 450 Hispanic American newspapers. Provides full-text searching as well as access to content by Topic, Event, and Eras in Hispanic American History. Updated daily. Click here to access Hispanic Life in America.


JerseyClicks is New Jersey’s statewide portal that features federated searching of the statewide full-text databases offered by the New Jersey State Library, the New Jersey Network, and funds from the Library Services and Technology Act. Click here to access Jersey Clicks.


JSTOR is a digital library for the intellectually curious. To get access log in with the following credentials:

  • Username: LindenPL
  • Password: Patron07036
  • Click here to access JSTOR.

Newark Star Ledger

Get the latest New Jersey news from Newark-based Star-Ledger, NJ’s largest online newspaper. Get business, sports, entertainment news, view videos, photos. Click here to access Newark Star Ledger.

World Book Online

Enjoy Learning: Anytime, Anywhere! Click here to access World Book Online.


Universal Class

Attention students: continue your lifelong pursuit of knowledge with Universal Class. 


Whatever your goal, LearningExpress Library’s resources will help you succeed. Each of our Learning Centers offers the practice tests, exercises, skill-building courses, eBooks, and information you need to achieve the results you want – at school, at work, or in life. Looking to land a job? You’ll find an entire Learning Center dedicated to helping you get the one that’s right for you. Click here to access the LearningExpress Library.

Artfilms Digital

Watch art films online anytime, anywhere.

Masterclasses, documentaries, interviews, content that can entertain, educate and inform: Artfilms streams thousands of videos from top artists and producers. Click here to access Artfilms Digital – Bloomsbury Video Libary.

Brainfuse HelpNow

Introducing Brainfuse HelpNow! Get free online tutoring with your library card. Click here to access Brainfuse HelpNow.

Fiero Code

Fiero Code is a self-paced learn-to-code software for kids ages 8-18 covering Scratch, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python and SQL programming languages. Click here to access Fiero Code.

Mango Languages

Learn real-life conversations with native-speaker audio and cultural context so that you can speak like a local. Also included are ESL classes. Download the mobile app or access from your computer. Click here to access Mango Languages.

Got Resume Builder

Got Resume Builder is a resume building app that provides assisted resume writing, customizable templates, and sample resumes to help you in your job search. The program allows you to create, manage, and share multiple resumes completely free through our library link. Click here to access Got Resume Builder.

Hobbies & Crafts Reference Center

Got a hobby you’d like to nurture? Looking for a new activity to pass the time? Our library provides free access to Hobbies & Crafts Reference Center, a database from EBSCO containing thousands of articles from top hobby and craft magazines and books as well as recipes, “how-to” videos and hobby profiles. Click here to access the Hobbies & Crafts Reference Center.

Home Improvements Reference Center

Home Improvement Reference Center offers full-text content from leading home improvement magazines and reference books, plus a collection of images not found anywhere else online. Patrons can quickly find the information they need by conducting keyword searches or browsing projects by category. Click here to access the Home Improvements Reference Center.